The Naturalist

The Naturalist whispers to a field of flowers, inspiring them to bloom. They take a wolf’s form, streaking across the steppe. With their hands to the sky, they summon a storm, bringing forth nature’s wrath.
Play The Naturalist if you want to explore an intimate bond with the wild creatures and raw elemental forces of your world.

Ability Showcase

The Naturalist is a powerful magic user who can transform into animal forms and shape the elements. If you want to sling fireballs, call down lightning, summon clouds of fog, or create dazzling auroras in the sky, The Naturalist is the role for you.


Animal form

You take the form of a wild animal, adopting its shape, senses, and range of motion,


You enchant nearby creatures, allowing them to breathe underwater.


You turn a nearby metal object into a weave of delicate plants.


You turn the surface of a creature to stone, or encase your own body with a protective shell.


A master version of your Animal Form spell that allows you to become a more powerful animal.



You conjure a poisonous thorn and shoot it toward a nearby target.

Wild Font

You touch a container holding food, water, or oil, causing it to spill an excess of its contents.

Evening Star

You summon a wisp of light in the sky, casting daylight on a huge area.


You conjure a dazzling prismatic aurora in the sky that dazzles creatures up to a kilometer away.

Echoes of Creation

You summon a coterie of magical wisps that restore the hit points of all creatures in your scene.



You blow cool air, creating freezing winds that swirl around a nearby target.


You blow hot air, creating scorching winds that can ignite a target in flame nearby.


You call down a bolt of lightning from the sky to strike a target you can see.


You shape an orb of fire and send it streaking toward a target, where it creates a devastating explosion.



You create a thick fog that rapidly expands around you, concealing the area.


You create a howling vortex in a body of liquid nearby that can suck in objects and creatures.


You create a ferocious windstorm that kicks up dust and small objects and obscures vision.


You whisper a magical incantation to a nearby river, calling forth a torrent of water from upstream.


You produce a terrifying storm whose effects you can control while it is active.


Wild Aspect

You harness the aspect of one of three wild creatures, gaining heightened physical capabilities.

Prey Sense

You sharpen your senses and can feel a subtle signal when danger is near.

Nature’s Watch

You extend your senses far beyond your normal capabilities, allowing you to detect the hidden and unreal.


Command Nature

You recite a brief poem to the plants around you, causing them to produce an effect.

Memories of Stone

You channel the ancient wisdom of a stone monument, learning important information about your world.

Shift Season

You manipulate the elements to change the current season everywhere within one kilometer of you.


Nature’s Wrath

You channel elemental fury, creating one of three natural disasters with an enormous impact on the environment.

Wild Evolution

Your physical essence becomes permanently intertwined with a chosen animal’s form, allowing you to shapeshift at will.

World Wish

You sacrifice yourself to become the seed for a new world, creating life across a planet.

To Dust

You return a crafted object to nature, instantly reducing it to dust.