Your greatest adventure begins here

Quest is a fantasy roleplaying game about the adventures of you and your friends. Together, you’ll create amazing characters and tell their stories. The game helps you tell an exciting story in a world of magic and danger.

The rules of the game help you create a story that’s totally unique. No two games are the same, and the possibilities are endless.

The Brell

Easy and fun to learn

Quest uses rules that are relaxed and flexible, allowing you to tell your story without complicated restrictions. There are only a few things you need to learn to get started, and reading the basics takes most people around 20 minutes.

Evocative roles

You’ll create any kind of character you want, and then choose from one of eight exciting roles. Each role has distinct and provocative abilities that will make your character shine in the story, like transforming into animals, summoning storms, or traveling to the stars.

The Conversation

Inclusive & approachable

Quest breaks from the rigid traditions of other roleplaying games. We’ll help you create a character that sounds fun and interesting to you, without putting restrictions on your identity or imagination. Everyone is welcome at the table.

Breathtaking products

Quest is thoughtfully designed and made with beautiful materials. From our books to our card decks, our players rave about the quality of the game. It's something you'll want to leave on your table even when you're finished playing.


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