In Quest, your role gives you a unique set of abilities and forms a large part of your character’s identity. 



The Naturalist has a magical bond with the wild. They can channel their connection with nature to manipulate the elements, commune with animals, and even transform themselves into wild beasts


The Doctor is a magic scientist who can tinker with the forces of life and death. They are the most capable healers in the world, and can reverse (or advance) the effects of damage, disease, and decay. 



The Fighter is the vanguard of the party, capable of taking charge when the moment calls to get up-close and personal with challenges. They are experts in the use of conventional weapons and martial arts, relying on their physical might to overcome foes. 


The Invoker is part fighter and part magic user, relying on the force of their ideals. They are capable of  conjuring protective wards, invigorating allies in a pinch, and smiting their enemies with radiant attacks. 



The Ranger is an outlander and hunter, skilled in navigation and survival on the fringes of civilization. They are superior sharpshooters and capable duelists when the action draws close. They keep faithful pets and have a special connection with beasts of the wild.


The Spy is a crafty practitioner of stealth and subterfuge. They are master assassins and experts in a wide variety of practical skills, including the creation and use of magical gadgets, chemicals, traps, disguises, and forgeries. 



The Magician is a spellcaster specializing in conjuration and psychic manipulation. From parlor tricks to elaborate deceptions, they are master illusionists, capable of twisting the world around others and making the unreal seem real. 


The Wizard is a generalist spellcaster who manipulates the fabric of the universe to produce extraordinary effects. They are capable of evoking spells of immense destruction, creating convincing illusions, conjuring objects, and transforming matter.