Eight roles, endless possibilities

Quest breathes new life into some of your favorite fantasy roleplaying tropes. From our poetry-spouting Fighter, to our charade-playing Magician, each role has surprising and interactive abilities that offer new styles of play.

Quest’s ability catalog has over two-hundred abilities, and each role’s abilities are unique. You’ll start with a few special abilities, and learn more as you grow during your adventure.


the fighter

The Fighter charges into battle with a fearsome cry, raising their sword to cleave through enemies. They deftly move between foes, countering their attacks and enduring them when necessary. They rally their comrades, forming unshakable bonds with them.

You can use the Fighter role to play all kinds of martial experts. You can be a stoic knight, a glory-seeking gladiator, a wizened veteran, a meditative pugilist, or a raging berserker.

the invoker

The Invoker closes their eyes and utters a mantra, raising their sword in the sky as it ignites in a glorious flame. They peer into the souls of others to divine their intentions and true nature. They ward their friends from harm, and smite those unworthy of their ideals.

The Invoker is a good choice if you want to play a character who channels greater truths to achieve their goals. They can be devout paladins serving a righteous god, oath keeping warriors, quixotic vigilantes, or dark knights.

the ranger

The Ranger closes their eyes and places their hand on a tree trunk, learning the secrets of the forest. They stop to chat with a local squirrel, making a new friend. They speak myth, earning the favor of strangers.

The Ranger is a great choice for people who want to play a skilled hunter and survivalist who thrives on the fringes of civilization.

the naturalist

The Naturalist whispers to a field of flowers, inspiring them to bloom. They take a wolf’s form, streaking across the steppe. With their hands to the sky, they summon a storm, bringing forth nature’s wrath.

Play The Naturalist if you want to explore an intimate bond with the wild creatures and raw elemental forces of your world.

the doctor

The Doctor gently touches the arm of an ally, mending their body and spirit. They lean down to examine the dead, discovering what caused their cruel fate. They sense the departed, and speak with lost souls.

The Doctor is a good choice for people who want to be the party’s healer, or someone who plays with the forces of life and death.


the spy

The Spy smiles and offers an uncanny greeting, walking through the front door with confidence. They slip in and out of the shadows, striking foes when they least expect it. They craft remarkable, bespoke tools that give them an edge in their pursuits.

You should play The Spy if you want to roleplay a supremely skilled character who relies on practical means to achieve their aims. It’s a great choice for playing a secret agent or roguish assassin.

the magician

The Magician flicks their wrist, delighting an audience with a parade of illusory animals. They mesmerize an adversary, freezing them in place. They peer beyond the eyes of another, entering their dreams and shaping their reality.

Choose The Magician if you want to use spells that affect the mind and the senses. The role is a great choice for people who want to play a dazzling performer, or a devious manipulator.

the wizard

The Wizard utters a word of power, sending a wave of force that knocks back everything in its path. They imagine an object needed in a pinch, and conjure it from thin air. With a wave of their hand, they open a rift to unexplored dimensions, seeking answers beyond space and time.

You can use The Wizard’s generalist magic role to play any kind of spellcaster you want, from a bookish academic on a knowledge quest, to a conjurer of tricks, or a megalomaniacal mage seeking absolute power.