Eight roles, endless possibilities

Quest has eight roles that have been designed to each bring a completely unique approach to adventure.

We’ve breathed new life into some of your favorite fantasy roleplaying tropes. From our poetry-spouting Fighter, to our charade-playing Magician, each role has surprising and interactive abilities that offer new styles of play.

Quest’s ability catalog has over two-hundred abilities, and each role’s abilities are unique. You’ll start with a few special abilities, and learn more as you grow during your adventure.

Quest Single -- DOCTOR -- with bleed.jpg


the fighter

The Fighter takes charge to meet challenges up close. They are weapon masters and martial artists, relying on their physical might to overcome foes.

the invoker

The Invoker is a battle mage, relying on the force of their ideals. They conjure protective wards, invigorate allies in a pinch, and smite enemies with radiance.

the ranger

The Ranger is an outlander, hunter, and skilled navigator, thriving on the fringes of civilization. They keep faithful pets and have a special bond with beasts.

the naturalist

The Naturalist channels their connection with nature to manipulate the elements, commune with animals, and even transform themselves into wild beasts.


the doctor

The Doctor is a magic scientist that tinkers with the forces of life and death. They reverse (or advance) the effects of damage, disease, and decay.

the spy

The Spy is a crafty agent stealth and subterfuge. They are master assassins, and experts in the use of magical gadgets, chemicals, traps, disguises, and forgeries.

the magician

The Magician specializes in conjuration and psychic manipulation. From parlor tricks to elaborate deceptions, they are master illusionists, capable of twisting the mind.

the wizard

The Wizard is a powerful spellcaster with a diverse set of magic abilities. At the height of their power they can travel to other worlds and transcend their mortal selves.