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Your greatest adventure begins here

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A roleplaying game for everyone

Quest is a game that creates a fantastic story. The rules of the game help you imagine what happens.

We’ll give you the tools to create a unique character in a world of fantasy. Then, you’ll say what they do. You can seek treasure, glory, justice, revenge, or anything you want. The possibilities are endless.

You can play Quest to make a short story in one play session, or for an epic adventure that lasts for months or years. You can’t lose the game, but everyone wins if you tell a memorable story and have a good time.

Who will you become?

Quest breathes new life into some of your favorite fantasy roleplaying tropes. From our poetry-spouting Fighter, to our charade-playing Magician, each role has surprising and interactive abilities that offer new styles of play.

Quest’s ability catalog has over two-hundred abilities, and each role’s abilities are unique. You’ll start with a few special abilities, and learn more as you grow during your adventure.


A great introduction to roleplaying

The Quest Game Book has everything you need to learn the game and create a compelling character. The Digital Edition comes with a a version of the rules that you can print at home. It also includes printable versions of our companion card decks: the Core Deck, which offers all of the game’s spells and abilities for quick reference, and the Adventure Deck, which includes treasure and creature cards.

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Designed to be shared

Quest is designed to quickly immerse players in thrilling fantasy adventures. The rules are dynamic, allowing new storytellers to learn quickly, and veterans to easily adapt the game for their own fantastic worlds.

Whether you’re a first timer, or the host of a real-play podcast, you’ll find Quest to be a powerful way to tell fantasy stories with your friends.