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Grab some friends…

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Quest is a game about going on a thrilling journey with your friends in a world of fantasy. You can visit spooky dungeons, cities in the clouds, temples in the stars, or anything else you can imagine. Where you go and what you do is completely up to you.

We'll help you create a unique character, then you'll say what they do. You can seek treasure, glory, justice, revenge, or anything you want. The possibilities are endless.

You can play Quest as a short story in one session, or as an epic adventure that lasts for months or years. You can't lose the game, but everyone wins if you tell a memorable story and have a good time.


…and begin your journey


From first timers to veterans, Quest is for everyone. You don't have to be an improv actor or a mathematician to be good at it – you just need to open your mind and use a little imagination. The rules of the game are intuitive and help you imagine where the story might go.