The Ranger

The Ranger closes their eyes and places their hand on a tree trunk, learning the secrets of the forest. They stop to chat with a local squirrel, making a new friend. They speak myth, earning the favor of strangers.
The Ranger is a great choice for people who want to play a skilled hunter and survivalist who thrives on the fringes of civilization.

Ability Showcase

The Ranger is a well-known character in fantasy, but in Quest you’ll find it has more than just skill with speed, sense, and sword. Between their ability to enter the body of their animal partner and rouse common folk with story and song, Quest’s Ranger role is a powerful take on the classic form.

Story and Song


Invent a local saying to charm information out of a commoner.

Folk Song

Sing a song that kindles bright, somber, or proud feelings in NPCs nearby.

Speak Myth

Appeal to a local myth to gain the favor of a commoner and receive a favor.



You scavenge the area to find a plant-based remedy for an ailment.


You entreat nearby flora to provide the party with protection while camping in wilderness.


You create a distress signal, summoning an NPC Ranger to your aid.


You ingest a magic edible to gain supernatural insight about something.


Read the Winds

You sense weather patterns, and can predict the weather in the days ahead.


You can’t get lost in wilderness, and you can find a special natural reprieve in times of need.


You sense the general layout of the next three areas in an underground structure.

Speak With Trees

You touch a tree trunk, connecting yourself to the forest. The trees come to your aid.



You can pick up on tracks left nearby and identify the type of creature that left them.


You sharpen your senses to make a ranged attack on a far away target.


When you roll a Triumph on a ranged attack, you can disable an enemy’s body.


You and your party can stalk tracked prey without it noticing you, setting up an ambush.


You mark a specific creature you have met before as your nemesis, giving you an advantage against it.


Speak With Animal

You form a bond with an animal, allowing you to interpret its thoughts and feelings.

Animal Partner

You bond with a nearby animal who becomes your companion and follows your instructions.


You recruit a nearby animal and send it on a mission to deliver an item.

Pair Bond

You develop a telepathic bond with your animal partner, allowing you to enter a trance and take over its body.

Whisper on the Wind

You whisper a message carried by the wind, summoning a flying animal to come to your aid.


Wild Celebrity

Wild animals everywhere now sense you as an ally and will not attack you.


You devastate a group of minions in an impressive acrobatic fashion, reducing their numbers by half.

Friend of the Land

You become the friend of a wilderness region, gaining the control of a natural fortress.