Start creating

You only need a few things at the table to play Quest. Here, you can download copies of Quest’s worksheets to print at home and use in your game. To learn how to use these sheets, check out the Quest Game Book.

Character Profile & Worksheet

Use this sheet to create your character and track their resources. You can learn how to create your character in Chapter 2 of the Quest Game Book.


NPC Character Worksheet

You can use this sheet to quickly create non-player characters for the players to meet in your story.


World Profile

The world profile helps you create an exciting setting. Only The Guide needs to use the world profile. Follow the steps in Chapter 4 of the Quest Game book and fill in the blanks to create your own unique world.


Quest Community Creators Resource

Anyone can use our Community Creators Resource to create content for Quest. The resource is offered under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY 4.0), allowing creators to make and sell their own content for the game.

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