Ethics Policy

We adhere to a strict ethics policy that is designed to create a firewall between our business and those who cover our products critically.

Customers and players should always see honest opinions about our game, wherever they may appear. We respect the independent voices of journalists, creators, and players, and do not seek to influence how they enjoy or speak about the game.

Editorial Coverage

We abide by the following policies with regard to editorial coverage of our game:

  1. All official advertising for Quest is created solely by our team.

  2. We do not pay for reviews, sponsored opinions, news coverage, or any other type of editorial content about our game — ever.

  3. We do not pay for the rights to use quotes about our game.

  4. We may give journalists and other parties review or early preview copies of our products at no cost to them, which they are not obligated to return to us. We never offer these materials with any demands or preconditions for coverage.

  5. We may offer "embargoed" information, like previews of upcoming news or content. These agreements are limited exclusively to publishing dates. We do not make agreements with third parties that require them to do or say certain things.

Entertainment Partnerships

In some cases we may pay directly for the production costs of real-play podcasts or streams in whole or in part. Additionally, we maintain an affiliate program that allows showrunners to earn a share of sales revenue when they direct customers to our store.

In these situations, we observe the following policies:

  1. Even in sponsored shows, we do not require hosts to say anything about the game — we take a hands-off approach to the content of third-party shows.

  2. While we respect the right of hosts to create their own content, we reserve the right to revoke sponsorships or affiliate partnerships if a show’s content is hurtful to audiences or violates our community code of conduct.

Professional Conduct

All representatives of The Adventure Guild are expected to treat reporters, creators, and players with respect. If you have a bad experience with someone who works for us, please contact us here.