The Doctor

The Doctor gently touches the arm of an ally, mending their body and spirit. They lean down to examine the dead, discovering what caused their cruel fate. They sense the departed, and speak with lost souls.
The Doctor is a good choice for people who want to be the party’s healer, or someone who plays with the forces of life and death.

Ability Showcase

The Doctor is a magic scientist who can work wonders. You can play the Doctor as a traditional healer role, or use its inquisitive abilities to be more like a magical detective. Or, if you’re feeling slightly sinister, you can dabble in some necromancy…



You gently touch a creature, immediately restoring hit points and mending minor wounds.


You say something comforting, relieving a creature of anxiety, pain, and discomfort.


You embrace a creature, restoring all of its hit points and curing it of short-term impairments.


You touch a creature, completely restoring it to its normal state.



You whisper a brief lullaby, putting any number of nearby commoners to sleep for an hour.


You touch a creature, causing its surface to harden and resist damage.

Feign Death

You place nearby creatures in suspended animation for up to an hour.


You reshape the facial appearance of a creature, making them look older, younger, or like a completely different person.


You entwine the life-force of two creatures, tying their fates together.



You sense whether any spirit creatures are nearby, and can extend your vision to see them.

Commune with the Dead

You reach beyond the living to speak to the dead nearby.


You animate a nearby corpse or skeleton, making it your thrall.

Reinstate the Dead

You touch a living creature and make it the host for a nearby spirit creature.



You grip a creature and create a necrotizing wound in its flesh.


You give a creature a combination of deleterious effects for the next hour.


You curse a creature with a terrible affliction that lasts for up to one month.


You cause a creature’s body to wither, giving them the experience of advanced age without changing their lifespan.


You curse the heart of a creature, causing it to explode, or turning it into a time bomb.



You alter the nature and intensity of a creature’s physical sensations for up to an hour.

Shape Senses

You manipulate a creature’s perception of the world for up to a day.

False Sense

You cause a creature to perceive a specific thing or a category of things falsely.


You touch a creature, erasing its memory for the previous month… or beyond.


Examine the Dead

You evaluate a corpse, determining the creature’s cause, time, and date of its death.


You diagnose a mysterious affliction like a disease, spell, or curse.

Curious Case

You recall something you’ve seen before to help reveal details about your scene.


Genesis Command

You reverse or accelerate a creature’s development, like reverting an adult into a child.


You banish a spirit creature to a random shadow plane.

Eternal Slumber

You place a creature into a permanent and peaceful sleep.

The Bitter Gift

You bestow a creature with self-awareness, turning it into a person like you.