Quest is now free to play for everyone

May 23, 2022

The makers of Quest, the roleplaying game for everyone, are proud to announce that the game is now free to play across the world. The digital Classic Fantasy Edition of Quest can now be downloaded and shared at no cost.

Since launching in 2020, Quest has been a hit with a wide variety of audiences, from brand-new players to professional streamers, veteran roleplayers, and educators. We're now delighted by the opportunity to offer the game to everyone free of charge to help more people than ever create and share thrilling stories with their friends.

The world of Quest continues to expand. After launching our Character Catalog and Treasure Catalog this year, we're gearing up to send Quest into space with our upcoming Cosmic Fantasy Edition. Be sure to subscribe for updates as we get closer to more news about new products and experiences.

If you're new to Quest, welcome! We're so glad you're here.

Good luck on your great adventure!