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Book of wonders

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The Quest Treasure Book includes 200 treasures that will fill your roleplaying adventure with wonder and delight. These items range from small and silly curiosities to world-shaking artifacts of incredible power. They can be used with Quest, or almost any other roleplaying game.

The definitive treasure collection

The Quest Treasure Book is filled to the brim with imaginative, provocative, hilarious, and fun items for use in your story. Each item can be used to make your adventure more exciting and interesting. And even if you're using our catalog for other roleplaying games, we think you'll find this is the best collection of treasure in any universe.

Interactive narrative items

The treasures you find in this book are designed to inspire narrative play. Many of the items you'll find inside provide engaging prompts that ask players to do fun things at the table, from performative moments to fun minigames.


Magical things for every occasion

From humble knickknacks to weapons capable of destroying gods, the Treasure Book contains a full range of treasures that you can use at every stage of your story, from beginning to end. And you're sure to discover items that make you want to take your story in completely new directions.

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