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From interesting monsters to friendly companions and worthy adversaries, the Quest Character Book has a colorful mix of creative characters to use in your adventure. While each character can be used on their own, we've given many of them stories and backgrounds that intersect, creating friendships and rivalries. From local conflicts to cosmic power struggles, the Character Book can help you tell amazing stories.

The Quest Character Book contains 101 characters, each with their own story background, stats, special features, and descriptions that you can read aloud at the table. Quest artist Grim Wilkins has returned to illustrate all 101 characters in brilliant full color, imbuing each character with personality and life.

The Digital Edition of our Character Catalog is also included with purchase of the Character Book. You will receive a link to download the Digital Edition when your physical order ships.

  • 6x9" hardcover book, 228 pages

  • 101 beautiful full-color illustrations & descriptions

  • Use with Quest, or other roleplaying games

  • Digital Character Catalog included!

Challenging adversaries

The Quest Character Book offers a rich set of challenging adversaries to use in your story. We've created opponents and villains with complicated qualities and interests to make the conflict in your story interesting and memorable.

Compelling comrades

You'll also find an amazing set of friends and allies in the Character Book, from friendly townsfolk to legendary heroes who can help the adventurers unlock their potential. These characters can help make any adventure feel more special and give the players something to remember.


Curious creatures

The world of Quest is endlessly diverse, and we've also included creatures that defy conventional expectations. Inside you'll find mysterious beings that are like their own puzzles for the adventurers to unlock, from a lonely talking mountain to the personification of death itself.

Your own creations

Creating your own characters for Quest is easy and fun, and we'll help you make amazing characters to breathe life into your adventure. In the back of the book you'll find a concise guide to creating memorable characters, complete with basic stats, story, and special features.


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