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Return Policy

We cannot currently accept returns of physical goods. If you receive a damaged item, we will replace it at no cost.

We want all of our players to find joy in Quest. If you're not happy with anything you buy from us, let us know within 60 calendar days from the date of purchase and we'll give you a full refund for any merchandise, minus the cost of shipping. Since we can't accept returns, we ask that you donate any unwanted items (like to a friend, school, or library). To request a refund or replacement, please email us at support@adventure.game. Our only ask: we're still a very small business, so please consider whether you'd like to support the future of our game before requesting a refund.

Privacy Policy TL;DR

Before you hit a big wall of text, here's a simple explanation of our privacy policy:

Advertising & Marketing

  • We don't run any third-party ads on this website

  • We use Mailer Lite to collect email addresses and send newsletters and other email promotions.


  • We use Netlify to measure traffic to this website. Site activity is tracked anonymously without cookies or personally identifying information.


Using your information

  • We will only use information collected from you through any of the services and methods mentioned above to communicate with you directly, or so we can conduct business with you. (For example, we may look up your personal information, like your name and shipping address, if we need to help you with an order.)

  • We will never sell information we collect from you to third parties

Privacy Policy

Last updated: December 6th, 2020

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Terms of Use

Last updated: December 14th, 2020

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