Quest Treasure Catalog preview №1

October 18, 2020

Quest’s first big expansion is coming early next year, including 100 brand-new treasure items. Today we’re showing off a trio of rare items that the party will be able to use for group hijinks.

All of the amazing illustrations you see below are from Marianna Learmonth, who is returning to illustrate our new Treasure Catalog.

First, we’ve got Instant Clown: an item that instantly creates a madcap scene of cheesy mayhem.

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Next, we’ve got The Game: the perfect trick to play on a group of NPCs that you want to stay busy for a while.

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Finally, check out The Device: a briefcase that is DEFINITELY not a reference to a major feature film:

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We hope you enjoy this little preview. Stay tuned for more treasure and character previews as we race toward our second Kickstarter campaign!