Announcing two new Quest adventures

January 18, 2021

Hello, adventurers!

Today we're happy to announce two new upcoming adventures for Quest that will be released in 2021. This pair of lively and funny stories represents the first slate of Quest content created by new third-party authors and artists, and will serve as a model for future adventure content. Both stories are "short quests" (adventures that last from 1-2 play sessions), and will be made available in digital and physical editions on release.

Bone Appétit!

Written by Lucian Kahn and illustrated by Sonya Henar

In this short quest, players will travel to the land of Garlic Graves, where the living and the dead share a passion for culinary craft. On the eve of the great annual Harvest Festival, the adventurers stumble upon a pair of friendly skeleton husbands who have just awoken from an epic slumber and need help preparing a meal for their 1,000th anniversary dinner. But from storm gourds to cheeses of decay, sourcing the rare ingredients won't be easy — especially with a rival chef lurking in the shadows.

In Good Company

Written by Karen Han and Brian David Gilbert

A rising merchant's guild has rented an entire train for their first annual company retreat, and the adventurers have been hired to provide security. It promises to be a sleepy affair — until it becomes clear that someone aboard The Icebreaker Express has murderous plans. As the locomotive barrels toward unexpected personnel-cutting, the adventurers will have to uncover a deadly plot while trying to survive various team-building activities. Watch out for that trust fall.

About the creators

Bone Appétit!

Lucian Kahn is the game designer of Visigoths vs Mall Goths, Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy, and If I Were a Lich, Man, and co-editor of Honey & Hot Wax. His honors include IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Awards winner for Most Innovative, IndieCade nominee for Live Action, and ENnies nominee for Best Writing. He is trans, Jewish, and a gay-coded villain. Subscribe to his design updates at bit.ly/luciangames and find his games at necromancy.itch.io.

Sonya Henar is a character designer and illustrator whose work appears in numerous roleplaying games, comics, and board games, including Swordsfall, Tales of BarBEARia, and The Princess Project.

In Good Company

Brian David Gilbert is a writer and video producer who has loved tabletop roleplaying games ever since he forced his seven close friends into playing a campaign he created while they were locked in a cabin together for spring break.

Karen Han is a staff writer at Slate whose work has also appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, and Vanity Fair, among others. She missed the most recent session run by her tabletop group and feels really bad about it.