Notice regarding international shipping from the US

June 29, 2021

Hello, adventurers.

We are making the difficult decision to discontinue international shipments originating from the United States. Our online store at www.adventure.game will stop accepting and fulfilling international orders starting July 2nd, 2021.

We're shutting these orders down for now because of frequent confusion regarding customer responsibility for international tariffs. Because all orders placed online are fulfilled from a single warehouse in the United States, international customers are responsible for paying local duties. Unfortunately, despite warnings posted on our store page and in the checkout process, we've found that too many customers do not realize they are responsible for customs duties, creating a burden both for customers and our team. We want to make sure customers have the best experience possible, which means shutting down international orders for now.

Please note that this does not affect our plans to launch international orders later this year with warehouses in Canada, the UK, and the EU. We will resume international orders in these zones when our warehouses there are stocked. Orders in these regions will be duty-free when our warehouses are operational.

Thanks for your patience. Our small team is working hard to get Quest in more hands around the world, and we're excited to expand internationally later this year.