Announcing The Adventure Award

February 3, 2021

Hello, adventurers!

Now that we’re fully-funded on Kickstarter for our first Quest expansion, we’re excited to announce a new program that we'll kick off in a big way if our campaign is over-funded.

We know, we said we wouldn’t be doing stretch goals. But this isn't a traditional goal, and it's not about us making additional stuff for Quest: it will be about you.

Announcing The Adventure Award

The Adventure Award

This year, we'll launch a grant program to fund the creation of short adventures for Quest (“short quests”). Our short quests will follow a consistent template, allowing anyone to fill in the blanks and create a compelling story for players. We’ll provide this template to help authors develop their adventures and make sure they feel like a consistent part of our product collection. This format will be based on our first two upcoming short quests, Bone Appétit! and In Good Company.

If funding for our Kickstarter campaign reaches $100,000, we will issue twenty (20) grant awards of $1,000 each to independent authors for the creation of Quest adventures.

Beginning in March, we’ll accept applications from independent creators who want to write an adventure for Quest, and post criteria for the types of stories we’re looking for. We’ll award grants to creators who can provide stories that fit with Quest’s inclusive, approachable style and tone.

Here’s the TL;DR of how The Adventure Award will work:

  • Award recipients will immediately receive $750 upon winning a grant. Creators will set their own schedule and publish date for their adventure. The remaining $250 will be disbursed upon publication of the adventure.

  • We’ll offer a template to creators that outlines what kind of content is needed to make a successful adventure, including guidance about how to write scenes, characters, and challenges

  • We’ll provide a style and technical guide to help creators make their stuff look consistent with Quest’s product line and help meet standards for readability and accessibility

  • We’ll provide a minimum of 3 hours of free editing support and consulting from our staff to each creator

  • We won’t hold any financial, creative, or other kind of interest in the work, and creators will be free to sell and distribute it wherever and however they choose

Don't worry: if funding for our Kickstarter campaign does not hit the target, we'll still open this program with a different initial scope and build it over time.

The Adventure Award will help rapidly expand the worlds of Quest and we’re thrilled to work with new creators to surprise and delight our passionate player base.

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