the naturalist


The Naturalist closes their eyes and places their hand on a tree trunk, learning the secrets of the forest. They stop to chat with a local squirrel, asking about its day and what it’s seen. They take a wolf’s form, streaking across the steppe. With their hands to the sky, they summon a storm, bringing forth nature’s wrath. 

The Naturalist is a great choice if you want to explore an intimate bond with the wild creatures and raw elemental forces of your world. 

unique ability paths

Each role in Quest has a number of unique learning paths that offer a collection of similar abilities. As you grow in each path, the things you can do become more powerful.


With their deep knowledge of living things, Naturalists are capable of transforming themselves into beasts of the wild. 

arcane ecologist

The Naturalist understands the magical forces of natural systems, and can harness this ability to manipulate and learn about them.



From swarms of angry insects, to beguiling wisps and toxic spores, the Naturalist can produce wild things out of thin air.


Harness the energy from the air to spit fire or encase the ground in frost.



Whisper to the wind to call forth nature's fury, from powerful gales, to storm surges and terrifying lightning strikes. 

legendary mage

At the peak of their ability, Naturalists can channel natural disasters, and transform entire worlds. 


example spells


command nature

You entreat the living plants around you to produce a harmless effect by moving or growing slightly. The things you want to manipulate must be within range. You may make trees rustle, cause leaves to fall, get plants to bloom, vines to expand, and seeds to sprout. 


You whisper a magical incantation to a flowing river within range. The river gathers a surge of strength upstream. A torrent of water arrives in the path of the river 15 seconds later, carrying any creatures and objects in the path downstream.



You touch a tree, connecting yourself to a network of living things as far as their root systems are connected. (You can search within an entire contiguous forest.) For the next minute, keeping your hand on the tree and maintaining your concentration, you may search for something touching this system. For example, you may locate a creature walking in the forest, an object laying somewhere, or a location, like a cave or building, that touches the root network. 


You conjure a dazzling prismatic aurora above you in the sky, visible up to 1 kilometer away. Any time a creature with vision attempts to act, they must make an awareness check. On a failure, the creature forfeits their turn and is dazzled and unable to act until the beginning of their next turn. You must concentrate on this spell for the duration and cannot move or make other actions while you are concentrating on it.


shift season

You manipulate the elements to change the current season everywhere within one kilometer of your location. You can choose any season for the world you inhabit, and the effect lasts for the next day.
The spell takes a minute to cast, and the season change is progressive, emanating from your location at a rate of about 50 meters every 10 seconds. The weather inside the zone will be unpredictable, but typical of the season you choose. For example, if you turn a hot season to a cold one, you may cause snow to fall. 


You produce dark, electrically charged clouds in the sky within range. The clouds quickly condense and appear within a circle in the sky during the casting time. The cloud circle has a diameter of 100 meters, and is one kilometer above the ground. You can only cast this spell outdoors. It takes two turns to activate the spell. Then, during each of your subsequent turns, you may use your action to have the cloud strike a creature or object you can see with a bolt of lightning. On a success, lightning strikes the target for 25 damage.


wild evolution

Your physical essence becomes permanently intertwined with that of a chosen animal’s form. You may morph back and forth between your original form and your animal form at will. When you change between forms, you maintain your current hit points and magic points. You may choose any animal form, but when shifting you will not exceed more than 4-times your normal size. You adopt the creature’s natural capabilities. For example, if you choose an eagle’s form, you may fly. You may now cast spells in animal form. 

world wish

You become the seed for a new world. Casting this spell consumes your life forever; you can never be brought back.

When you cast it, your body dissipates in radiant light, becoming a cascading wave of energy that transforms the planet you are on. The wave of energy first alters the atmosphere, making it capable of supporting life if it is not already suitable. Then, a blooming cascade of living flora emanates from your location, rapidly growing and overtaking the planet’s surface. The bloom radiates outward at a speed of one mile a minute from your location, until the entire planet is transformed. 

If you choose at the time of casting, the spell disintegrates any constructed objects, like buildings or infrastructure, returning the land to nature. Any objects that are destroyed in this way are done so gracefully, such that existing living things, like people, are lowered to the ground

When the spell is complete, the world can fully support biological life of a type of your choosing. For example, if you choose carbon-based life, the world will transform to support it.