the fighter


The Fighter charges into battle with a fearsome cry, raising their two-handed greatsword and cleaving enemies in two. 

They deftly move between foes, countering their attacks and enduring them when necessary. They issue orders to their allies that give them the upper hand before the battle even begins. 

You can use the Fighter role to play all kinds of martial experts. You can be a stoic knight, a glory-seeking gladiator, a wizened veteran, a meditative pugilist, or a raging barbarian.

unique ability paths

Each role in Quest has a number of unique learning paths that offer a collection of similar abilities. As you grow in each path, the things you can do become more powerful.


The Fighter has a natural aptitude with all kinds of weaponry, and is trained in its use and maintenance.


Combat is a dance, and The Fighter is a superior dancer, gracefully weaving their way through battle with agile attacks and shrewd defensive moves.


physical arts

The body is The Fighter's real weapon, and they are capable of mastering its use in dueling. 


Fighters use their wisdom from warfare and the trust they earn to inspire allies, and even convince others to join their cause.


legendary warrior

At the peak of their ability, Fighters become virtually untouchable, and can earn supernatural reputations in the minds of others. 


example abilities



You target a creature you can see and get their attention by saying something or making a gesture. The creature must be able to hear or see and understand your intent. On a success, the creature will focus its attention on you, ignoring others.


You use your training and insight to evaluate a creature you can see nearby. On a success, you may learn how much damage the creature deals, the creature’s abilities, its remaining hit points, and its passive traits


parry / riposte

Parry. When an enemy attacks you with a melee weapon and scores less than a success on a check, you automatically deflect the attack and take no damage. You must be holding a weapon or shield to parry.

Riposte. You may make an immediate basic melee attack against an enemy that you have just parried. The creature must already be within reach. 


You are able to issue useful orders to your allies. On any of your turns, you may immediately pass your turn to an ally who is able to act. They must be able to hear you issue a command. It is now your ally's turn, and they may perform two actions during their turn.



When you deliver the killing blow to an enemy, you feel a rush of adrenaline, lustfully seeking your next kill. You immediately get to rush forward and make a basic melee attack on a creature nearby.


When you make a successful basic weapon attack, you may keep making basic weapon attacks on the same target until you roll lower than a success.


defy death

The first time you are reduced to 0 HP in a fight, you drop to 1 HP instead.


After acquiring this ability, you may spend additional XP to recruit an attendant from any populated area. The recruit will stay with you for a period of three months. You may only have one attendant at a time; if they are dismissed, killed, or abandon their post, you must spend additional XP to recruit a new attendant.

The attendant is a Fighter-based NPC controlled by the GM, but they are your ally and your charge. In exchange for learning what you know, they will follow your reasonable orders to the best of their ability. They will run errands for you and assist you in combat, but they may choose not follow absurd, suicidal, or morally ruinous orders.