This is the roleplaying game for everyone. It's easy and fun to learn, and will help you tell an amazing story with your friends.

If you’re completely new to this type of game, we’ll have a friendly conversation with you about how to play. We hope to show you how intuitive and immersive storytelling games can and should be.

Quest is a game about becoming an extraordinary person in a dangerous world. You’ll explore wondrous places, meet fascinating and mysterious people, and answer the call to go on an exciting adventure. What happens in this world is based on the choices you and your friends make.

Quest is a way to tell an exciting story with your friends. You don't have to be an improv actor or a mathematician to be good at it – you just need to open your mind and use a little imagination. The rules of the game are intuitive and help you imagine where the story might go. 

These are just some of the ways Quest will help you quickly begin your adventure, and potentially carry it with you for years to come.


the friendly guide

Everyone deserves to feel like a hero with their friends at the table, so we wrote a book that feels inviting. It’s not a textbook – it’s a conversation. Along the way, you’ll see a running dialog from a fictional group of players, to help you see how the rules of the game are used to tell the story.


the card deck

Quest features a deck of cards with all of the game’s special moves, so that you can reference them at the table without having to flip through a book. The Essential Deck makes it easy and fun to grow as a character. When you begin the game, you'll start with a few moves that make your character special. As you grow during your adventure, you'll get to collect more cards that tell you how to do amazing things.


spells that tell tales

Everything you can do in a tabletop roleplaying game should be surprising and delightful. So we created skills and abilities with a focus on narrative and fun. Quest’s skills and spells – the special things your adventurer gets to do – are meant to inspire your own silly, dramatic and unexpected ideas. 

Summon the Blood - FIGHTER.png

Coming in 2019.

Thanks to our more than 1,000 backers on Kickstarter in June, 2018, we'll be able to create a beautiful game for people everywhere to enjoy. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, you can still pre-order the game and receive it as soon as it ships. 

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