Quest for Education

If you are a teacher, counselor, librarian or any other educator for a public school anywhere in the world, you are eligible to get a free copy of our Digital Edition. Simply email us ( from your official school email account and we will send you a code that can be used in our store for a free copy of the game.

Please allow up to 1-2 days for a response from our team.

Using Quest in your program

Quest is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game that asks players to use their imagination and work together to create an exciting story about adventure. While it draws from fantasy novels and films where heroes fight against danger, combat is not the only focus. Many players use the game to drive fantasy adventures that are focused on social encounters, solving puzzles, and overcoming other problems.

While we've heard from lots of parents and teachers who use Quest for all ages, its themes are best suited for children ages 10 and up. However, it's easy to modify the game to use with children of most ages. Here are some things we recommend considering when using Quest with your kids:

  • Focus on the character creation process to encourage creativity

  • Choose abilities for the players in advance, and cap them at three abilities per player to reduce complexity

  • If you choose to use combat scenarios about fighting monsters, make them non-lethal. Or, you can easily use the combat system metaphorically, like replacing weapons with words that can convince enemies to back down

  • Consider having each player share the responsibilities of The Guide by helping to imagine the things that are in each scene

A more in-depth guide to using Quest with kids is forthcoming.